Step 3 : Wisdom

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Wisdom – To be wise or to be open to wisdom.

These are not the same things. It is thought to be wise when one uses logical analysis, or reasoning. It is widely accepted that wisdom arrives through experience, but doesn’t this leave out the innate sensitivity or cultivated sensibility of awareness.     What if:

To be aware is to be human.

To be human is to be always listening.

Wisdom is eternally and spontaneously arising in life and only needs acknowledgement and reflection to become part of your experience.

If you allow yourself the opportunity to create your own experience, you will see that Gurus are around you all the time. They can come in any forms. But, one must begin by understanding that cutting corners on your life is not an option: Practice Asteya  Read: Understanding the Mind,  Body, and Spirit, how each of them connect and  Pantanjali’s 8 Limbs. 

Gurus are vehicles – they are some sign –  some observational moment where light shines on your darkness. Where you’re guided away from a strong emotion and into a calm abiding. Gurus can be an animal, song, child, scent, or memory. It’s a spirit with a message for you in a language you understand and in the corner of a looking place you regularly see and already waiting in destinations you haven’t yet stumbled upon. By being open, (not resisting or attaching to one particular outcome – yamas) opportunities will flourish, manifesting thoughts into reality, and bringing your future to you..


Your Higher self can pick up sounds, vibrations, and symbols as this is what your spirit speaks, and if you   listen and work at becoming a better listener – even see your being’s purpose as a receiver- you will tap into this consciousness.

“The front part of the body receives information and the back side of the body passes it on. We are receivers of memory, listening stations of cosmic truths in the here and now, and senders to the future. With the front we face situations, we face life, we walk into things, we meet people face on. The front receives heat from psychic energy, and the backside is the cold “chi” releasing side. That is why we have a front side and back side of the body.

We are little broadcasting stations that openly bridge the future while washing all our moments with memory. That is how we know things. We are simply actors in this life unfolding before us and, as we face life, we leave behind our trail of moments for those who come behind us to resonate to.”

-Joseph Rael & Mary Elizabeth Marlow from ‘Being and Vibration

Wisdom is a noun.

It is as a thing to be attained, but it is also a direction to be pursued, a characteristic to acquire, a perception someone may carry with them, an impression you wish to impart on someone else and it is a feeling of serendipity, a perfect alignment with cosmic energies.

Wisdom is gracefully connecting you to your personal evolution. Every moment is a moment to be cultivating how you play with and manifest energy. The beauty of life is to experience (and learn from) yourself.

The energy of Wisdom centers you in your body, but gives you access to experiences outside the physical plane.



Pantanjali’s 8 Limbs

According to Pantanjali, Yoga aims to undermine the confusion of our ego-bound personality and guide us toward an authentic existence. This would be the True Self.  

The ego-bound personality is all the ways in which we keep mistaking our identity as one that is served by the needs and wants of our physical form.

[stop flexing in the mirror]

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Pantanjali wrote the sutras in an effort to guide us. His idea was that humans had a major struggle to overcome:

[Our bodies’ (the physical form) has such proximity to the highly evolved psycho-physical organism (the Spirit/Heart) giving us access to an elevated consciousness in the first place, but the process wasn’t clear, the pitfalls too many, and the mind-body (brain) so utterly unconscious] that he knew something had to be done to help us. 

So… imagine your heart is a modem, with kick ass super high speed internet.And…The intangible mind, all of your connection with the Universe, is your wireless router.

So you’re hardwired. The cable goes directly from your heart to your intangible mind. BUT Somehow your mind-body (Brain) isn’t acquiring the right IP address for sustained connection. The physical form keeps on messing things up for us.  Shocker.

He wanted to bring some practicality into this spiritual practice that many are missing out on. He created

The 8 Limbs of Yoga: An order of things, steps that can be taken, a ladder that could be climbed.

Image result for 8 limbs of yogaThe 8 Limbs of Yoga:

It is by climbing these limbs that we can fall away from a common life, an existence compared to that of a self-involved consumer to Self-realization as genuine enlightenment and emancipation from all ‘things.’


  • Yama : Discipline.

  •  Niyama : Restraint.

  •  Asana : Posture.

  •  Pranayama : Breath Control.

  •  Pratyahara : Withdrawal of the senses.

  •  Dharana : Concentration.

  •  Dhyana : Meditation.

  •  Samadhi : Super-Consciousness.