Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers have been around since before I had gym class in high school as that is where I first learned them.


  • From plank, bring one foot forward at a time

  • Foot must land on the ground and you immediately alternate to the other side

  • There is no stopping in the middle

It is explosive and will hit your entire body as well as your heart. Catch your breath.

Count only one leg and get to 20.
No excuses. You should love these. They are over so quickly. 

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Narrow to Wide Jump Squats

A quick burst of explosive cardio that works the entire lower body!

  • Try to land with the ball of the foot and the heel at the same time.

  • Do not let the weight of your squat land into the outsides of your feet.

  • Press the inner thighs together when you come narrow and sit as deeply as you can when you go wide.

3 x 20, Please ūüėČ

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Side Lunge

A Side Lunge or Single Leg Squat or Side Squat – I don’t ¬†get into wars on nomenclature.

side lunge

Who cares? It’s a squat after you lunged to the side. ūüėČ

  • Take a wide side step. Stick your butt out and lower into a seat.
  • Make sure your weight is in your heels.
  • Toes and knees are both facing the same direction as your eyes.
    (45 degree turnout will not work here.)
  • Sit back as far as you can.
  • Think you are trying to get into the chair of a 5 yr old.
  • Keep an upright posture and look forward.

Where your eyes go is where your body goes. Do not take a long break between sides.
Stay Focused. 10 x each side.

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Single Leg Bridge

The Single Leg Bridge is a relaxing exercise for the backside of the body. It targets the glutes and hamstrings while giving the rest of your body a bit of downtime Рaka your heart can rest since you are supine (on your back.)



What is awesome about this exercise is that it’s NON-IMPACT.¬†Many people have joint issues and cannot bounce, hop, jump, etc.. There is none of that here, just pure controlled movement and isolated muscle contraction all using your own body weight. ūüėČ

  • ¬†Tilt the pelvis towards the ground so that you are crushing your lower back into the floor

  • Dig your heel into the ground on the active leg. Flex your raised leg and lift off the ground and energetically draw your raised leg’s heel to the ceiling.

  • Stay there for a full breath, squeeze your buns and slowly lower down, repeat. Exhale on the way up, inhale as you come back to the floor.

3 sets of 10-20 will definitely get the job done.

Foam roll sore or tight hamstrings.

Add something under the active leg for stability challenges, like stability balls, medicine balls, foam rollers, bosu’s, etc.



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Understanding Adaptation

Adaptation is the theory that your body adjusts to whatever you put it through over a¬†six week period of time. If you did the same exercise every Thursday (same load and intensity) you would benefit from all of this exercise’s intentions for¬†six weeks BUT¬†once that six weeks is¬†over, you WILL plateau and no longer break DOWN muscle fibers TO build new ones, AKA GET SORE¬†, or condition your heart.¬†

Without ROUTINE modification: You will not see results and or actively be working towards your goals. (If you ask me, six weeks is too long. I get bored man. I like exercises. Some stay with me, but for the most part I am always mixing and matching.)  

How to add challenges to the good ole’¬†moves you you don’t wanna leave behind.

  • Stability Training – Add a Bosu like a Boss, or SwissBall when you can.
  • Speed – If you are moving well and controlled, go for speed. See how many reps you can complete in a timed round.
  • Intervals – Do many rounds with rest in between or in¬†combination with another move.
  • Power – Control your¬†exertion. Play with your pace, play with the different stages of the movement. The down, the up, the lengthening or shortening of the muscle and if you can pause in any part of it.

Rest: It is also important to note that you do not build muscles while you are lifting, nope. All the magic happens when you’re at rest, so take that seriously. If you are looking to lose weight or burn fat, and you have fat to burn, I think it is perfectly fine to do a bit of cardio everyday.

You have heard people say, “shock the body” “get your weight up” or other such things suggesting that you “change your routine.”


You must change your routine every six weeks.

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What happens if you don’t change?¬†

  • You will not get stronger

  • You will not increase your heart rate

  • You will not be sore, which means you haven‚Äôt broken down any muscle fibers in order to lay down new ones.

If you understand this then, it will not be hard for you to know that shocking the body with new exercises and new modes of cardiovascular intensity are the best way to increase your level of fitness and enhance adaptability.

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What are some easy ways you can change our routine?

  • Do routine in different order

  • Change the weight

  • Change the reps

  • Change the rest

  • Do the exercises with speed or cardio intervals between sets

How to Begin (the mind-body-exchange)

How can you, the creator of all the procrastination and laziness that has brought you to this point, also be your motivation?

You can start by understanding laziness is no reflection of strength. We are lazy because we live in a world where we do not have to do much of anything to get by. We are inherently lazy as any human would be, living in an environment that is bent on creating and advertising an even easier path of least resistance. This is okay, and mostly not your fault, but it can all be turned around through the accumulation of changing many ‚Äď and by many I mean thousands upon thousands of tiny details, habits, steps etc. ¬† ūüėČ

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Think about the areas of your life that are flourishing and then envision them even better. What did you have to do to get there? If you want to get the most of out of this site and you: Trust that you are here for a reason. Read my words as if they are written by a dear friend, and start at the beginning. Understand the Mind, then the Body, and then the Spirit.  Then once you are ready for movement, you can begin here. 

For example, never ever tell yourself that it is okay to not cook dinner. If you want to eat out for a celebration, go ahead. If you want to reheat some leftovers of that soup or stew you made on Sunday, go ahead. But if its Tuesday night, and you are going to order a pizza, or throw a frozen burrito in the microwave. Quit it. Right now!

You’re not a child. No one needs to make food for you. If you think that you are too busy or distracted by something other than preparing the food that will go inside of you, you are confirming that that bit of distraction, be it Facebook, Instagram, or TV is more important than the food you need to be healthy and live.

You understand how dramatic that is?                             Now, cook your food, and cook it often.

Take care of yourself. If after a few days that you have been keeping up with the goal of going to the gym, you may feel like you are getting bored. Perhaps you could get a notebook and write what you do, what you eat, and how you feel everyday. Even if that day, it was someone’s birthday at the office and you had cupcakes and beer for dinner! You can only approach progress by being honest with where you are when you begin, and how you change along the way.

A dinner that has colorful cupcakes and beer in it is not terrible, that night brought you laughter and this is just as important for your soul as jogging and salad is for your form.

If your approach to changing your habits is strong, then your foundation will be, and as long as you come back to the core that wants to live mindfully, as in with a mind-body connection, then you will not be derailed from anything.

You must change the relationship you keep with yourself. Notice what you give effort and what you do not. You must listen to and challenge yourself, no one else can.¬†You have to trust the process of experience, embrace the moment — because every thing will be exactly what you make it, so make this life¬†beautiful. AND Follow this Blog, please. [top right of the screen]

Goal Setting

The Preamble to Movement: Before you Exercise

No matter the goal, be straightforward with yourself, as if you were coaching you ‚Äď as if you were getting paid to make the best athlete out of yourself. Then you can work harder at being your own motivation rather than focusing on the difficulty of completing the goals that you have put forth.

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How to create a goal? Try to create a goal while still living in the now. Set a real and attainable goal. Define just one thing and see if you can complete this goal either everyday for a consistent week, or if you’ve created a larger challenge, make it so that your efforts allow you to complete that goal in just one week.

For example:

  • You wish to exercise or go to the gym. Good. GO. Make this happen every morning/evening for a full week. The first week getting back into, or starting a fitness routine is the hardest. If you skipped two days somewhere in the middle make the days you go very¬†strong days. ¬†It is still successful if you have completed four- five days of the full 7 day week!

This is success, no matter what you tell yourself. It is success, and you will build on it.

And, what about someone who needs to start with something a bit more specific:

  • Someone who wants to be able to run a mile, this mile is not easier or harder than the broad goal of making it to the gym. It just is. How do they work up to completing a mile? You may have guessed it. They have to begin by running! But, that will hardly be enough. They have to get through first two minutes of running once they actually begin.

These are the hardest minutes to spend running, no matter what your fitness level. And every time they approach the sport of running, these two minutes will become less and less a challenge, but probably not until a full two weeks of going at it. The good news is that with each success, follows the next challenge. After two minutes, they are able to work on two more minutes and so on.

Perhaps after this they can play around with their increments. They have to run a full four, or five minutes, leading up to the inevitable and achievable goal of a mile.