4: Openness

 12 Steps. See 1. Blueprint 2. Loyalty 3. Wisdom

 Openness: The Quality of Being Open & Flexible. Associated with the Niyama Santosha.

  • Don’t get stuck in one possibility.

  • Situations are rarely as desperate as one thinks when in the moment.

  • Be open to experience something without a pre-conceived notion or expectation of how it is, or should be.

Enlightenment is really a theory of expression.. The ultimate grounded response.. The unwavering you that chooses love and light regardless of what comes up in this life.

-Tiffany Fuentes

the more you know.jpgThe level to which you continue to expand who you are is directly related to your being human. “The More You Know”  is saying you are as infinite as the galaxy, made from star stuff and have the potential to be as magnificent as a shooting star. The way to live a life you love is to ensure that you have not limited yourself or your experience.

Personal evolution happens when boundaries on the idea of who you are are destroyed.

What does this have to do with happiness?

Happiness is a moving target. To hit that target, you have to practice. You have to be agile with a keen awareness of your surroundings.

Rigidity and a narrow scope won’t work.

Sustaining contentment can seem like seeking anti-gravity, wanting to jump and somehow staying suspended in the air. But, before levitation is possible one has to have balance. You must learn to shift your weight and ground down into the Earth in order to receive and absorb force — essentially using energy, your own and that around you, to propel forwards or upwards, to be light, and to soar towards your greatest possibility.

    The mystery of metaphor is the art of listening to life in the activity of work, of allowing yourself to be living harmony. Metaphors give us a way to become more inside our universe. If we can name or identify our world, we know better how to fit in harmony with it.                                                                                                          Harmony is the warmth of the heart slipping through a slice of light. By becoming more attuned to the vibrations in life, we come closer to our natural state. We clear our blocks and our resistances. We discover the power to be.

-Joseph Rael from “Vibrations & Being

The more that you can bring yourself to accept and take on or try new things the more you grow, and become sensitive to everything around you. Work with the Heart Chakra to incorporate more Openness into your life. This will inevitably increase your compassion and connection to all.


  • What if becoming undone is scary?

  • Do you know your typical habits of resistance? What do you think about when you become vulnerable?

  • Have you recognized the subconscious ways you or others in your life are currently participating in working against the best possible version of yourself?

We have all done this!

We have all questioned what we are really capable of?

What we really deserve?

We spent time thinking of risks instead of rewards and imagined failings as opposed to making our dreams a reality. We have all at some point put limits on who we were, what we liked, and what we would or could do — we have all made bad habits and closed ourselves off from possibilities. We have chosen inadequate lifestyles of isolation and replayed memories that are in response to, or cause pain.  WHY?

Because… We’re human, duh.

It’s totally normal to fear repeating an unpleasant event. We want to learn from our mistakes, so we often let fear guide our decisions and behavior and keep bad memories alive so we “know better.” Quite often, we are not even aware that this is happening. Check that Root Chakra to see if you are caught in perpetual survival mode.

The energy of openness helps you take an honest look at yourself. It literally lets light in on the darkness.

Be careful that the perceptions you’ve been holding onto, aren’t standing in your way from having a life you love.

Change your mind – Change your world.




Day 11 (11/14/13)

Hey All,

I again have missed some entries. Here’s whats new:

I have been waking the regular crack of dawn time, working my sessions with the gusto, but then racing to the city for training for the new restaurant I will be bartending at.

The great news is that it is an awesome new project in Harlem called Park 112. It is located on 112 and Frederick Douglas Blvd. I will let you guys know when it opens and when you can and should come visit me.

But because of this I have been slacking on my daily fitness intentions. Getting home at around nine from having worked a 12/13 hr day does not really leave me with much energy. However, this will not be like this going forward. Training will be over this week and I will be back to my regular schedule, plus the added weekend shifts which will not interrupt as I will start in the afternoon.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Sun Warrior Chocolate Protein powder, blueberries and water.

Lunch: Two hardboiled eggs (whites only) over a spinach ball from June  & Hoes. They roll up sauteed spinach that is deliciously filled with garlic and sesame seeds.

Dinner: Whole Foods smorgasbord of indian chick peas, cooked spinach, raw kale and spinach as lettuce and a little drizzle of bean soup over the top.

Today’s workout consisted of 1/2 hour on the Arc Trainer. A ten minute run. 3 rounds of 10 push ups followed by 10 jump squats. No breaks. Followed by 3 rounds of TRX triceps (10), KB swings (20), KB snatches (10 each side) and Kick-ups(10).

I don’t have work tomorrow and will be waking early going for a run and then finding a yoga class in the city to take with my friend that is here from Sweden.

I had a great meeting tonight about an up and coming project that I will talk about with you all very soon. I’m excited but it probably won’t roll out until the new year. December has to be dedicated to sending out my manuscript to another 300 agents. This version should be the one!

Getting Fit

Day 5 (11/7/13)

Hey Everyone!

Feeling super charged today! Absolutely loving life. And the fact that Kate Nash is playing on Saturday night!!

Woke @ 3:40am.. I wish I knew why. I showered anyway, but that didn’t give me answers. I continued to get ready as normal.

Breakfast@ 4:15 Oatmeal with Sun Warrior Chocolate Scoop, blueberries, and tablespoon of almond butter. Just ran out of that. Have to pay a visit to Whole Foods today. Hopefully this expensive and tasty powder will be on sale, doubtful. I left for work feeling spry, had a few great sessions only to return home. I left the house this morning without my nathan water bottle, and was very thirsty by the time I got home. 1/4 gallon drank.

I got into a conversation on Tuesday regarding drinking too much water. I said please. As if that is the end of the spectrum we are living on, but he came out with this nonsense about drowning one’s organs. He’s right about it being a thing, however my organs are doing just fine.


Second Breakfast@ 9:30  6 oz of Salmon over a bed of arugula salad, which is dunzo. I also added some cabbage and avocado just for fun! I felt more full than usual from this serving of food and think it has to do with the fact that I didn’t have water all morning.

I am pretty sure that today will be a rest day from Cardio. Its been rainy and cold all day. I think I’ll do the dishes, and some fireside yoga. Hells Yes!

Late Lunch/ Dinner @ 4:30 6 oz Salmon, a different batch of arugula salad and some cabbage! I also had some almonds immediately after I finished. These haven’t been the most graceful breaks between meals, but sometimes these things just happen. Keep it lean and green.
On my way home from work this afternoon, a gentleman in his fifties in a white BMW, nearly got smashed by a semi to tell me how beautiful I was. I honestly think he was riding along just to make sure, because I saw the initial shock and then confirmation. He made sure to tell me and say bye when he got of for 684. Something about this new regime is working. LOL

I’ve been listening to The Oh Hello’s. Awesome music.

I love you cruel world. If I didn’t venture inside to get away from you, I probably wouldn’t have noticed how beautiful it is in here.

Before Bed @ 8pm Vega One Chai Tea. just hot water over protein powder.

Getting Fit

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From one human being to another –do not wish to be different than you are, as people do not become more beautiful by becoming two-faced.

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