Step 5: Passion

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“When a nation, a society, or individuals no longer create, they begin to die because they are no longer part of the action or movement. They are no longer the beings of listening, no longer the beings of giving to receive; therefore they are not receiving; they are not giving to effort. As a result, they cease to exist on the physical plane.”

-Joseph Rael & Mary Elizabeth Marlow “Vibrations and Being

Passion is the burning desire of creative genius inside you. The dance your body does when you’re happy.

You never learned that. It was always inside of you.

It’s what makes you think and keeps you thinking.

It is your vision of the world as a better place.

What does your voice of Passion sound like? Practice Tapasya to make sure that you have not forsaken your Passion to Reason. Working with Anahata and Visshudi can match your insides with your outsides HOWEVER passion is ultimately developed in the burning furnace of the the 3rd Chakra: Manipura.

  • You determine what your future looks like.

  • You are the one who creates the meaning and how things show up from what you see.

  • You can turn your dream into reality when you create it out of passion, without fear and, most of all, from the heart.

Passion is that alive feeling that makes everything else totally worth it, and by everything else I mean the bullshit, the mundane, the mindless phases of “civilized” existence.Whatever it looks like for you, Passion is the driving force that taps into who we are in our heart and connects to who we may become in this world.

-Tiffany Fuentes


To create something passionately, we may have to endure some process, some feeling, some’thing’ we want to offer and share with someone else — but this is only possible if you overcame your challenge, paid attention and gained something from your process. Aka you did not become a victim easily pushed around by circumstance.

Some can identify so well with God’s suffering that the persistence of prayer and word of God helps them to live passionately and with compassion for all. That becomes their mission and destiny. Spreading infinite love and the path that took them there: Jesus.

Maybe religion doesn’t speak to you. Maybe your passions are primal, physical, and sensory. You want to sing across Europe, climb mountains, become a great actress, save lives, ride waves, sell over a million copies of your book, jump out of planes, etc..

A person who is a master in the art of living makes little distinction between their work and play, their labor and their leisure, their mind and their body, their education and their recreation, their love and religion. They hardly know which is which and simply pursue their vision of excellence and grace in whatever they do, leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing. To them they are always doing both.

-Lawrence Pearsall Jacks


 Passion is the link that sets us apart from one another BUT because we all have it, we are all creating links of our experience and what we have come to believe about our existence.

Art is the highest form of faith.

We were created to create.

“When you catch a glimpse of your potential, passion is born.”   -Zig Ziglar




Day 5 (11/7/13)

Hey Everyone!

Feeling super charged today! Absolutely loving life. And the fact that Kate Nash is playing on Saturday night!!

Woke @ 3:40am.. I wish I knew why. I showered anyway, but that didn’t give me answers. I continued to get ready as normal.

Breakfast@ 4:15 Oatmeal with Sun Warrior Chocolate Scoop, blueberries, and tablespoon of almond butter. Just ran out of that. Have to pay a visit to Whole Foods today. Hopefully this expensive and tasty powder will be on sale, doubtful. I left for work feeling spry, had a few great sessions only to return home. I left the house this morning without my nathan water bottle, and was very thirsty by the time I got home. 1/4 gallon drank.

I got into a conversation on Tuesday regarding drinking too much water. I said please. As if that is the end of the spectrum we are living on, but he came out with this nonsense about drowning one’s organs. He’s right about it being a thing, however my organs are doing just fine.

Second Breakfast@ 9:30  6 oz of Salmon over a bed of arugula salad, which is dunzo. I also added some cabbage and avocado just for fun! I felt more full than usual from this serving of food and think it has to do with the fact that I didn’t have water all morning.

I am pretty sure that today will be a rest day from Cardio. Its been rainy and cold all day. I think I’ll do the dishes, and some fireside yoga. Hells Yes!

Late Lunch/ Dinner @ 4:30 6 oz Salmon, a different batch of arugula salad and some cabbage! I also had some almonds immediately after I finished. These haven’t been the most graceful breaks between meals, but sometimes these things just happen. Keep it lean and green.
On my way home from work this afternoon, a gentleman in his fifties in a white BMW, nearly got smashed by a semi to tell me how beautiful I was. I honestly think he was riding along just to make sure, because I saw the initial shock and then confirmation. He made sure to tell me and say bye when he got of for 684. Something about this new regime is working. LOL

I’ve been listening to The Oh Hello’s. Awesome music.

I love you cruel world. If I didn’t venture inside to get away from you, I probably wouldn’t have noticed how beautiful it is in here.

Before Bed @ 8pm Vega One Chai Tea. just hot water over protein powder.

Getting Fit

The most vulnerable I’ve ever made myself on the Internet

There are hundreds of people that share their intimate stories with even more listeners/readers/ fans what have you, but this is my first time. I don’t expect you to care. A lot of my friends whom I love dearly, don’t think I have a right to complain about my body, and for their very different reasons they are perfectly right.

I have low blood pressure, a low resting heart rate, zero metabolic concerns. No broken bones, no arthritis, and I love touching my toes. And to boot, I actually get excited by a shopping cart full of greens.

But, sometimes active bodies get injured and although recovery happens, it is at a pace that we just can’t set. I jumped rope until my right ankle pinched a tendon just the right amount so that it is pretty much always ready for inflammation. It was so bad at one point that if and when it started to rain, I couldn’t run to my car for cover. I have come a long way, but it isn’t nice. Running is the best cardio for me and sadly cannot happen like it used to, but that wasn’t all, no. Same right leg then had an MCL Strain from a tubing accident. So weight gain was slightly inevitable for the sheer fact that I wasn’t able to maintain the same level of activity.

But then nutrition, the most vital component, went. As of late, I’ve been calling myself FF, as in Fat Fuck..yes degrading, but this is what we do. Things I’ve been enjoying: chips, cookies, chai tea lattes knowing full well that it has about 19 grams of sugar in it, beer, fireball whiskey because it is absolutely delicious and where the hell was it during college?

But it started with a break up, totaled car, and something as simple as a move, but bad luck happens to the best of us, even someone like myself who preaches good habits all day long and has made a career from coaching. It always ends the same however, those damned ten or more pounds that make you hate yourself and clothes feel awful, and all the more reason to continue the viscous cycle of bad habits. This past January I weighed in at 125 lbs, and right now I am a whopping 142 lbs.

But that is all over now, I am making this turning point public for two reasons.

One I need to. I am coming clean. And two, I am not the only one who’s been here.Every day I will post what I am eating, my activity, how I feel and my results. I’m taking the power back and want to share it with those willing to read.

Goals: 125 lbs/ One hour of yoga everyday/ One hour of cardio 5 days a week/ Half hour or more of weightlifting three days a week.

Yes all three. 11.3.13yoga

Our bodies are amazing. Be grateful, take control, act with confidence and watch it respond in every way you want it to.

Day 1: Wake 8:30
Breakfast : Two hardboiled eggs, sans yolk. Arugula salad. (celery, walnuts, tomatoes, a touch of sesame oil, and an even smaller crumble of feta cheese)

Lunch : Turkey Chili Wrap. (Homemade turkey chili with organic meat, kidney beans and tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic) topped off with more of that arugula salad. You will find that most of the food I make lasts a week, and that is how it should be for optimal nutrition.

Dinner: Just under 6 oz of Salmon cooked in a shit ton of siracha and a bit of soy sauce. In a pan on the stove. No skin. With sauteed cabbage, a little celtic sea salt and onions. Delicious.

I don’t think I have had enough water, as I was running errands all day and need to get back to my gallon a day. Water is a great way to get wash away toxins hanging around from my recent piss poor decisions. I am making up for it now as I write this, and will probably wake up in the middle of the night because of it 😉

Activity: I’ll never be at the gym on a Sunday, but I woke and did an hour of Yoga. Broke a sweat and already feel some soreness in my thighs when bending down to play with the dogs.

Before bed: 10 push ups, 10 v-ups x 3
Sleep: 9:30pm

Getting Fit

Re-Defining Body Building

Redefining Body Building.

Most people think of Body Builders as hulk like images with crispy orange skin, protruding veins, but why isn’t ‘Body-Building’ just doing what it takes to build one’s body?

We add to everything else that humans develop.

A house, we give it a pool.

A yard, we give it a garden.

A car, we buy custom add-ons.

Why don’t we consider our body one of these things? Our bodies are not perfect.

Our shoulders roll forward, hips turn out, our lower back hurts, and we walk around all day with tight muscles that restrict normal range of motion.

It baffles me how people would buy a car or a house they would take care of day and night, accessorizing and upgrading, but when it comes to joints in their legs, the only two legs they are given, the answer is surgery, or replacement, and without the bat of the eye.


Are we that consumed with ‘things’ that we consider ourselves to have the same affects a toy or piece of machinery would?

Our bodies can do remarkable things, it only takes a little will.

Would you fill your yacht with Ethanol?

Nooooo, so why do we disregard how important our own fuel is?

And you wouldn’t cut corners when taking care of these luxury items,

Is it hard to make/eat healthy meals every time? Sure. But the satisfaction of knowing that you’re taking care of yourself is worth every minute.


One who is actively listening and responding to the needs of their body;

Body builders take preventative action against potential health risks by keeping an active lifestyle, and challenging their mind and body.

Their goal is to have complete body awareness to move efficiently without compensation and/or pain.


*Side Effects: Lightness, increased energy, prolonged smile, temporary muscle soreness, and increased appetite.

If you build it, it will come.

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This is a place for my sound advice on all things wellness:

how you treat yourself and those around you. It’s the place where I write articles that remind you of the beautiful human being you are. There isn’t one recipe for a great life.

We all want different things, but together through shared knowledge and inspiration we can discover and experience great moments in the lives we share.

Will we stray from the path, eat poorly, confuse ourselves and complicate relationships with inner challenges we are only beginning to understand? Of course. No one can give someone else a list of distractions to avoid in this journey of evolution, but by sharing what we know, together we can grow into a lifestyle with the ultimate goal: happiness.

From one human being to another –do not wish to be different than you are, as people do not become more beautiful by becoming two-faced.

You will always be what you are. The only thing that changes is self-acceptance.

I am more than happy to answer your questions on just about anything. I’ve been personally training myself and others for a decade.


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