Honor Where You Are

Honoring your place is a wise decision. There is no gain in pushing through pain. See Links Below on Specific Limitations. 

Many of us know fully well what it means to have chronic pain, or general limitations that hinder us from matching our efforts with our will.

There is no such thing as a bad anything. Learn what it is that ails you. Don’t talk about it if you aren’t going to do anything about it. Ask questions, read and research on your own and talk to professionals. You are not a doctor. Be humbled by the fact that you are a body with two amazing legs and arms and you were born with only one set. You can’t just replace them. Learn to appreciate the fact that you can modify any exercise so that it works for you. And for the love of god, harnessing that aforementioned mind body connection to maintain awareness. This is the only way to prevent injury when approaching fitness and movement. It is the key to long-term health.


Please see the links for limitations that are specific to you and follow each of the exercises, but REMEMBER: Start small, and tackle one issue at a time.                                                   [Now that you are hurt is not the time to push your body.]

Take note, like actual notes on the changes in your pain, mobility, stability, and flexibility.




How to Begin (the mind-body-exchange)

How can you, the creator of all the procrastination and laziness that has brought you to this point, also be your motivation?

You can start by understanding laziness is no reflection of strength. We are lazy because we live in a world where we do not have to do much of anything to get by. We are inherently lazy as any human would be, living in an environment that is bent on creating and advertising an even easier path of least resistance. This is okay, and mostly not your fault, but it can all be turned around through the accumulation of changing many – and by many I mean thousands upon thousands of tiny details, habits, steps etc.   😉

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Think about the areas of your life that are flourishing and then envision them even better. What did you have to do to get there? If you want to get the most of out of this site and you: Trust that you are here for a reason. Read my words as if they are written by a dear friend, and start at the beginning. Understand the Mind, then the Body, and then the Spirit.  Then once you are ready for movement, you can begin here

For example, never ever tell yourself that it is okay to not cook dinner. If you want to eat out for a celebration, go ahead. If you want to reheat some leftovers of that soup or stew you made on Sunday, go ahead. But if its Tuesday night, and you are going to order a pizza, or throw a frozen burrito in the microwave. Quit it. Right now!

You’re not a child. No one needs to make food for you. If you think that you are too busy or distracted by something other than preparing the food that will go inside of you, you are confirming that that bit of distraction, be it Facebook, Instagram, or TV is more important than the food you need to be healthy and live.

You understand how dramatic that is?                             Now, cook your food, and cook it often.

Take care of yourself. If after a few days that you have been keeping up with the goal of going to the gym, you may feel like you are getting bored. Perhaps you could get a notebook and write what you do, what you eat, and how you feel everyday. Even if that day, it was someone’s birthday at the office and you had cupcakes and beer for dinner! You can only approach progress by being honest with where you are when you begin, and how you change along the way.

A dinner that has colorful cupcakes and beer in it is not terrible, that night brought you laughter and this is just as important for your soul as jogging and salad is for your form.

If your approach to changing your habits is strong, then your foundation will be, and as long as you come back to the core that wants to live mindfully, as in with a mind-body connection, then you will not be derailed from anything.

You must change the relationship you keep with yourself. Notice what you give effort and what you do not. You must listen to and challenge yourself, no one else can. You have to trust the process of experience, embrace the moment — because every thing will be exactly what you make it, so make this life beautiful. AND Follow this Blog, please. [top right of the screen]

Day 2 (11/4/13)

Woke 6:45
Let the dogs out, but instead of just watching them, I did a little sleepy calisthenics.
Boots trappers 10x
Sumo squat to stand warmup 10x
Jump squats and 180  jump turns. 10x (both directions)
It was cold. The dogs and myself had no idea what was going on.
Breakfast :
Feed on less than a cup of Ezekiel raisin cereal mixed with one scoop of sun warrior chocolate protein powder.
It isn’t my favorite cereal but I’m house-sitting and forgot to bring my bucket of oatmeal. Will be picking them up today.
Also, there’s still a bit of this chai that I can’t let just waste but I watered it down and have a perfect solution to this chai dillema. I’m going to buy chai mate tea from teavana make it in a batch and leave cold in the fridge. This will be no sugar whatsoever and tasty as hell!
Still of course with my steamed coconut or Almond milk, so tasty and great for cold mornings.
 Workout: 8:45- 10:20
Rower warm up – 500m
KB Swings for one minute
KB Single armed snatch – 10 each
Forearm plank on SB, hold for 20 seconds, then roll out elbows until arms are straight and then coil it back in, 10x
Ropes, 45 seconds straight, variety of patterns.
—— 3 rounds
Dips on roman chair 10x
Skull crushers (35lbs) 10x (legs up)
Barbell overhead Press (45lbs) 10x
Barbell bent over row, underhand grip (45lbs) 10x
—— 2 rounds
Cable chop (15lbs)
Seated row
Horizontal abduction on seated row (straight arm)
Bent over tricep extension on seated row
—— 2 rounds
Cardio : 30 minutes on Arc Trainer
Abs : Ab Rollout 10x
V-ups 10x
—— 3 rounds
Water intake  – 1/4 gallon
Lunch: 12pm salmon smaller than 6 oz on a bed of cabbage with the divine arugula salad thrown over it.
Running around, burning calories walking places, but not much serious activity. An oil change and a visit to Petco. Well there were the random jumping on beds to try out their stiffness, but hardly what I can consider the remaining half hour of cardio required for today’s goal.
Dinner: 4:30 same serving of salmon, cabbage, and delicious salad. Are you bored yet of my food, because I’m not. Ill be sure to let you know when and if I do get there tho.
Water intake – 1/2 gallon
Before Bed Cardio: An insanity video titled Pure Cardio. It wasn’t as hard as I remembered, but water intake 1 gallon.
I am sure it was just this video, because I remember them being ridiculously hard.
I finished today’s goals with just under an hour of yoga, stretched out these tight calves and hips, and gave a good long hold in pigeon.
I also did some handstand and crow. Getting the handstand up in the three seconds it takes for photobooth on my computer to take a photo was tricky. This is the best its gonna get. No assistants yet. Lol
Photo on 2013-11-04 at 19.30
I absolutely love that I created this.
9:00 Sleep
Getting Fit