Step 5: Passion

Step 5 of 12. See 1.Blueprint, 2.Loyalty, 3.Wisdom, 4.Openness


“When a nation, a society, or individuals no longer create, they begin to die because they are no longer part of the action or movement. They are no longer the beings of listening, no longer the beings of giving to receive; therefore they are not receiving; they are not giving to effort. As a result, they cease to exist on the physical plane.”

-Joseph Rael & Mary Elizabeth Marlow “Vibrations and Being

Passion is the burning desire of creative genius inside you. The dance your body does when you’re happy.

You never learned that. It was always inside of you.

It’s what makes you think and keeps you thinking.

It is your vision of the world as a better place.

What does your voice of Passion sound like? Practice Tapasya to make sure that you have not forsaken your Passion to Reason. Working with Anahata and Visshudi can match your insides with your outsides HOWEVER passion is ultimately developed in the burning furnace of the the 3rd Chakra: Manipura.

  • You determine what your future looks like.

  • You are the one who creates the meaning and how things show up from what you see.

  • You can turn your dream into reality when you create it out of passion, without fear and, most of all, from the heart.

Passion is that alive feeling that makes everything else totally worth it, and by everything else I mean the bullshit, the mundane, the mindless phases of “civilized” existence.Whatever it looks like for you, Passion is the driving force that taps into who we are in our heart and connects to who we may become in this world.

-Tiffany Fuentes


To create something passionately, we may have to endure some process, some feeling, some’thing’ we want to offer and share with someone else — but this is only possible if you overcame your challenge, paid attention and gained something from your process. Aka you did not become a victim easily pushed around by circumstance.

Some can identify so well with God’s suffering that the persistence of prayer and word of God helps them to live passionately and with compassion for all. That becomes their mission and destiny. Spreading infinite love and the path that took them there: Jesus.

Maybe religion doesn’t speak to you. Maybe your passions are primal, physical, and sensory. You want to sing across Europe, climb mountains, become a great actress, save lives, ride waves, sell over a million copies of your book, jump out of planes, etc..

A person who is a master in the art of living makes little distinction between their work and play, their labor and their leisure, their mind and their body, their education and their recreation, their love and religion. They hardly know which is which and simply pursue their vision of excellence and grace in whatever they do, leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing. To them they are always doing both.

-Lawrence Pearsall Jacks


 Passion is the link that sets us apart from one another BUT because we all have it, we are all creating links of our experience and what we have come to believe about our existence.

Art is the highest form of faith.

We were created to create.

“When you catch a glimpse of your potential, passion is born.”   -Zig Ziglar




4: Openness

 12 Steps. See 1. Blueprint 2. Loyalty 3. Wisdom

 Openness: The Quality of Being Open & Flexible. Associated with the Niyama Santosha.

  • Don’t get stuck in one possibility.

  • Situations are rarely as desperate as one thinks when in the moment.

  • Be open to experience something without a pre-conceived notion or expectation of how it is, or should be.

Enlightenment is really a theory of expression.. The ultimate grounded response.. The unwavering you that chooses love and light regardless of what comes up in this life.

-Tiffany Fuentes

the more you know.jpgThe level to which you continue to expand who you are is directly related to your being human. “The More You Know”  is saying you are as infinite as the galaxy, made from star stuff and have the potential to be as magnificent as a shooting star. The way to live a life you love is to ensure that you have not limited yourself or your experience.

Personal evolution happens when boundaries on the idea of who you are are destroyed.

What does this have to do with happiness?

Happiness is a moving target. To hit that target, you have to practice. You have to be agile with a keen awareness of your surroundings.

Rigidity and a narrow scope won’t work.

Sustaining contentment can seem like seeking anti-gravity, wanting to jump and somehow staying suspended in the air. But, before levitation is possible one has to have balance. You must learn to shift your weight and ground down into the Earth in order to receive and absorb force — essentially using energy, your own and that around you, to propel forwards or upwards, to be light, and to soar towards your greatest possibility.

    The mystery of metaphor is the art of listening to life in the activity of work, of allowing yourself to be living harmony. Metaphors give us a way to become more inside our universe. If we can name or identify our world, we know better how to fit in harmony with it.                                                                                                          Harmony is the warmth of the heart slipping through a slice of light. By becoming more attuned to the vibrations in life, we come closer to our natural state. We clear our blocks and our resistances. We discover the power to be.

-Joseph Rael from “Vibrations & Being

The more that you can bring yourself to accept and take on or try new things the more you grow, and become sensitive to everything around you. Work with the Heart Chakra to incorporate more Openness into your life. This will inevitably increase your compassion and connection to all.


  • What if becoming undone is scary?

  • Do you know your typical habits of resistance? What do you think about when you become vulnerable?

  • Have you recognized the subconscious ways you or others in your life are currently participating in working against the best possible version of yourself?

We have all done this!

We have all questioned what we are really capable of?

What we really deserve?

We spent time thinking of risks instead of rewards and imagined failings as opposed to making our dreams a reality. We have all at some point put limits on who we were, what we liked, and what we would or could do — we have all made bad habits and closed ourselves off from possibilities. We have chosen inadequate lifestyles of isolation and replayed memories that are in response to, or cause pain.  WHY?

Because… We’re human, duh.

It’s totally normal to fear repeating an unpleasant event. We want to learn from our mistakes, so we often let fear guide our decisions and behavior and keep bad memories alive so we “know better.” Quite often, we are not even aware that this is happening. Check that Root Chakra to see if you are caught in perpetual survival mode.

The energy of openness helps you take an honest look at yourself. It literally lets light in on the darkness.

Be careful that the perceptions you’ve been holding onto, aren’t standing in your way from having a life you love.

Change your mind – Change your world.



Goal Setting

The Preamble to Movement: Before you Exercise

No matter the goal, be straightforward with yourself, as if you were coaching you – as if you were getting paid to make the best athlete out of yourself. Then you can work harder at being your own motivation rather than focusing on the difficulty of completing the goals that you have put forth.

Image result for goals

How to create a goal? Try to create a goal while still living in the now. Set a real and attainable goal. Define just one thing and see if you can complete this goal either everyday for a consistent week, or if you’ve created a larger challenge, make it so that your efforts allow you to complete that goal in just one week.

For example:

  • You wish to exercise or go to the gym. Good. GO. Make this happen every morning/evening for a full week. The first week getting back into, or starting a fitness routine is the hardest. If you skipped two days somewhere in the middle make the days you go very strong days.  It is still successful if you have completed four- five days of the full 7 day week!

This is success, no matter what you tell yourself. It is success, and you will build on it.

And, what about someone who needs to start with something a bit more specific:

  • Someone who wants to be able to run a mile, this mile is not easier or harder than the broad goal of making it to the gym. It just is. How do they work up to completing a mile? You may have guessed it. They have to begin by running! But, that will hardly be enough. They have to get through first two minutes of running once they actually begin.

These are the hardest minutes to spend running, no matter what your fitness level. And every time they approach the sport of running, these two minutes will become less and less a challenge, but probably not until a full two weeks of going at it. The good news is that with each success, follows the next challenge. After two minutes, they are able to work on two more minutes and so on.

Perhaps after this they can play around with their increments. They have to run a full four, or five minutes, leading up to the inevitable and achievable goal of a mile.

Holy Smokes

It’s been a long time and I have missed you!



I was for sure that I wasn’t going to get carried away with the holidays and rigmarole of buzzing to and from parties, stores, filling out cards and wrapping presents, but yea right. I was mistaken. My family was awesome- Charades was hilarious. Relationships expanded, and my clients were sweet as pie.


I’ve kept my word: yoga everyday. Just last night I taught a candlelit yoga at 10pm. Comment for details. Our practice was set for acceptance, gratitude, and contentment.


Since Christmas, I’ve been juicing like a pro.

Here’s two tips I am gonna share with you that most people don’t talk about.


For starters, some people have an aversion to putting berries in a juicer, especially poorly trained employees of juice bars, and let’s face it they advise more than half of our juice drinking population, therefore creating the standard. BUT the truth is strawberries are the perfect compliment to your all green drink. Of course there are many great recipes, but IMPROVISE you will be enamored with yourself.


And the next tip people is supremely important!! YOU CAN KEEP THE PULP AND COOK WITH IT. Hello?! Isn’t this fantastic! The juicer gives you a beautiful start to the morning and then at some point when your ready for solids, you can take all that kale and throw it in a skillet with eggs for the omelet you wouldn’t have had otherwise.


But what about if you don’t separate the pulp, so in your bin you have grapefruit, carrots, kiwi, apple, and spinach. You might not want to make a stir-fry or omelet with this. No problem. You can make COOKIES!!!   Yes! Wholesome and delicious cookies.


Get flour or bread mix that is more grain/seed based than white flour and add whatever fixings you see fit. They are great between meals, on the go, or for the kids. But don’t waste them all on the kids, enjoy them as well. I promise yet again you will be enamored, maybe even wink next time you pass yourself in the mirror. 😉


So what else? Swimming of course. Probably staying at the two to three times a week mark.

Haven’t been running or doing much cardio otherwise. Ankle needs the rest.

I left the restaurant PARK 112. More of a hassle than a hustle. HA!


Kaia studio in Greenwich has been blessed with my presence and I have good things to say about them.

They’ve initiated a pose of the month and each class sets that intention in different ways base on the teacher. This month is tadasana.

Comment for details.




Today’s juice- strawberries, kiwi, spinach, kale, orange, apple, carrot.

Pulp- cookies. (In the oven now)

I also made a beautiful little

Egg salad with pesto veganaise dipped into with Susie’s Thin rice cakes. These little square cakes are natural, inexpensive, and tasty!! They are available in Whole Foods and Mrs. Greens. Which by the way, there’s am enormous Mrs. Greens on central by the White Plains/Hartsdale border.



Last Request: If anyone knows of teens/ Tweens that can benefit or are interested in yoga, please Facebook or comment here so that I can invite them to my teen/tween class @ wainwright house in Rye.   —-> very cool programs.

Middle school can be emotional and parents are the enemy. Yoga can do a lot for them physically and mentally. Look forward to hearing from you and being back.  (find me and friend me)